Hello, doctor.

You too can be a writer.

Trust me, I never thought I could have a book for sale all around the world. But as doctors, nurses or scientists we’re already writers with powerful stories to tell. This course will show you how to turn your ideas into real words.


I couldn’t spell my own name in school. But your writing is a skill that can be improved if you are shown how. As a doctor, you already communicate through your words in a powerful way.

Systems can turn words into great writing. I want to show you the structured ways to turn your great ideas into great writing that can be shared with others.

Medicine is not only about your hands and head. You can make a huge difference to the lives of patients and colleagues through your words. Writing can extend your reach to people all around the world.

Writing can complement your career. Having the flexibility to work from any cafe, all over the world would be great wouldn’t it? Adding writing to your career as a doctor can open doors to new places, new positions and new experiences.

We all have something important to say, this course will show you how to write so that others will want to read.

Why not become a better medical writer?

I wrote this course for anyone who wants to write a great blog, newspaper column or even their very own book. I’ve taken the lessons I’ve learnt along the way and turned them into 8 easy to follow modules to give you the tools to become a great writer.


Rich video modules

Eight video modules covering everything from how to get your ideas to writing a book pitch.

Ready made templates

Don’t waste time making your own documents, have all the ones that I have used to get my books and articles published.

One-to-one webinars

Your course comes with one-to-one webinars with me to help take your writing to the next level.

Tons of bonuses

There is loads of bonus material to explore, from fifty ideas for great medical articles to how to find the best book agent.

Behind the scenes glimpses

Come with me behind the scenes to watch some of the footage I have captured along my writing journey.

Lifetime updates

The course is constantly being updated and you will have lifetime access.

Is this for me?

If you want to use your writing to balance your career, help more patients that you can individually or just meet fascinating people and travel by doing your research then this course is for you.

  • Yes.  I want to do more than just clinical medicine.
  • Yes.  I want to speak to patients and colleagues through writing.
  • Yes. I need a creative outlet in my work.

This course will stay with you for life, ready for you to dip in and out whenever you want to. Give yourself the chance to be a writer.

What’s Next?

Think. Do you want to step outside of your clinic or hospital and help people through writing? Do you want to earn extra income through your creativity rather than private medicine? Do you have something the world needs to read?

Answer yes. As doctors, we all have fascinating stories, powerful messages and you are already a writer. Now it is time to become a great writer and share this with others. Publish articles in newspapers, magazines and even write your own book.

Ready?  Okay, scroll down to become a writer.

The time is now.

You’re ready for this.  You’ve been waiting your entire life.

Lifetime access


  • Instant access to all lessons
  • Access to all videos & downloads
  • Unlimited updates & support
  • One-on-one webinars
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How long do I get access for?

Your whole life!

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. A no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee.

I'd love to write a book but how would I ever have the time?

Time is the main barrier people think they are against. The course covers great hacks to find the time to write whilst working as a doctor. I also show you ways of improving your efficiency to get those words on a page.

Do you update the course?

There is a continuous process of updating with new material added all the time. You will get access to all of this.

Aren't there too many medical writers already?

There are so many different ways your writing can impact on the world. It is not just through books or newspapers. We all have a unique perspective on life and our work. The explosion in books about medicine has shown the appetite of others to learn more.

Can I use my study budget for this course?

Yes you can! Online courses are a great way to improve your skills. Rather than paying for expensive hotels and travel, study anytime from your home or your local cafe. Speak with your education department and get in touch if I can help.

Can't I just buy a book about writing?

You could, but would you really read it or would it have an impact on you? Committing to a course is a great way to motivate yourself to achieve your goal. With our 30 day money back guarantee there are no risks.

Is this good value for money?

With nearly three hours of video content, bonus templates, documents and links it is great value! After hotel and travel, the average medical course can costs thousands of pounds. This course will be yours for life.